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Dana and David

Join us as we jump the broom!

Our Story

Our First Meeting

In the fall of 2016, Dana and David each found themselves at a reception in Copley Square hosted by the Boston chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). They were in attendance to receive NAACP awards on behalf of their respective organizations—Dana’s African American Student Union at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and David’s Black Law Students Association at Harvard Law School.

At the cocktail reception before the award ceremony, David struck up a conversation with a bow-tied Dartmouth University professor who introduced him to his daughter, Dana. Although the conversation was brief and light-hearted, David was impressed with Dana’s beautiful smile and easy demeanor and so he made a mental note to follow up with her when she wasn’t in her father’s company. Dana on the other hand wasn’t impressed—she found David slightly full of himself and didn’t give their chance encounter another thought.

Hollywood Star Crossed Lovers

The next year, despite taking a Black art history course together and likely criss-crossing to and from class, David and Dana never bumped into each other on campus. However, when Dana moved to Los Angeles in the spring of 2017, David unknowingly followed her that summer. After a few months, David discovered Dana had moved to Los Angeles, and hardly believing his luck, asked a mutual friend for her number.

On September 23, 2017, they had their first date. David selected E.P. & L.P. in West Hollywood, a hip rooftop restaurant named after the 12-inch and 7-inch vinyl records. David and Dana enjoyed hours of conversation at the chef’s bar and departed well-after midnight, only after it became clear the place was closing. After learning that David, like her, was a fan of Issa Rae’s HBO show Insecure, Dana planned their second date, which featured lunch at a neighborhood soul food spot, followed by a driving tour of various sites from the show. Their third date was jointly planned, with dinner at a Peruvian restaurant followed by a screening of Blade Runner 2049 at the ArcLight Hollywood.

Several more dates quickly ensued and by January, Dana and David were going steady and celebrating their first trip together to San Diego to ring in the New Year. After another 9 months of enjoying Los Angeles and their first international trip to Barcelona and Madrid, David moved to New York for work and they continued their relationship from a distance, with Dana admittedly doing more of the travel.

At the onset of the pandemic, Dana abruptly moved back to the East Coast to be with her family, and by the summer of 2020, Dana and David were again back together, this time living together in Harlem. Despite the pandemic, they created new memories in New York and then in the summer of 2021 embarked on a month-long cross country road trip from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, to move into their new home. Together in DC, the two continue to make new memories and are looking forward to many more to come.